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6 Helpful Tips to Save Your Furniture from Kitty’s Scratches


Cats can make fabulous pets, but some habits built into them can drive their owners crazy. If you are a cat owner wishing that your fluffy friend would give up on certain habits, then learn ways to tackle them because there might be no way to get rid of them.

Stalking people and other pets at home, bringing you dead rats and birds, walking all over your keyboard, and scratching your precious furniture are some pesky habits you can’t hold your cat guilty for or reprimand it about.

Sometimes these venturesome activities can invite trouble for little kitties. They can be more exposed to accidents and health risks, which is why cat owners should provide their furballs with other safer alternatives to satisfy their instincts.

At the same time, cat parents should consider being equipped with cat insurance so that providing their pet with quality medical care need not be a significant financial problem. Contemplate purchasing pet health insurance so unexpected vet bills are more manageable therightmessages, however, read this article to learn top tips to save your furniture from your kitty cat’s scratches.

#1 Provide your feline with a good number of scratching posts, pads, tables, and beds. These cat products allow your munchkin to scratch them to its heart’s content, stretch, and exercise. Place the above items close to its food and water bowl or near its bed so your furball can happily scratch after a meal or nap.

#2 Clip your feline’s nails. Baby cats used to nail clipping are more likely to cooperate with manicure/pedicure as they grow into adults tvboxbee. Start the grooming routine early so your furry little one doesn’t mind you handling it during a typical session, and your home furnishings are more protected.

#3 Consider covering your furniture with plastic covers, aluminum foils, and double-sided tapes. This setup can discourage your furball from getting its claws into your household objects, thereby saving your stuff from a lot of trouble.

#4 Install motion sensor alarms in strategic places. These devices can trigger sounds when your kitty pie crosses a particular territory allworldday . Your pet can get terrified by the noise and may not dare to cross the line or figure out the source of the sound and try damaging it.

#5 Offer your kitty enough toys to play with. Physical and mental stimulation toys can enrich its life because they mostly appeal to a cat’s visual, hearing, and tactile senses. Give it more opportunities to play so it doesn’t become destructive. At the same time, show your pet much love, care, and affection to reinforce positive behaviors.

#6 You can consider using water, apple stylesrant, or orange peel sprays on spots where your pet is likely to scratch. Cats find some odors repelling, so make the best use of them to avoid scratching.

Cats can scratch for various reasons ranging from behavioral to physical health issues. Meet your vet to understand the root cause of the problem and find appropriate solutions. Simultaneously consider being prepared with cat insurance because not all physical health conditions are avoidable, and treatments can be expensivevoxbliss.

Contemplate purchasing pet health insurance so your furball has a medical backup to lean on during challenging health situations and emergencies, at economical costs.


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