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Small Bathroom Remodel Before and After


A small bathroom makeover is a great way to update the look of your entire home. If you’ve always wanted to renovate your small bathroom, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s possible with the right design and posthut. Here are some tips to create a look that suits your needs. You can even incorporate existing elements into your design, such as a chandelier or a vintage faucet. The end result will be a space that breathes energy and style.

This powder room was in desperate need of a makeover. In this case kodakgallery, it needed a fresh paint job, a new counter top, and a modern decor. Jen of the blog Domestic Blonde decided to make her small bathroom feel like a spa. She changed the old tub with a modern one, added new hardware, and changed the decor. The bathroom had seen better days, but now it is a bright and airy space afroveganchick.

One way to make a small bathroom feel roomier is to replace the tiny sink with a wall-hung sink and faucet. These will free up floor space, make the room more light and airy, and also make cleaning a savefromnet. A wall-mounted sink can also provide a great opportunity to replace the old vanity with a larger one. If the space is still tight, add a small freestanding cabinet above the toilet. Use this space to store items that were previously stored in the vanity. mezoka 


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