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Why You Should Avoid Not Eating After a Workout to Lose Weight


The idea of not eating after a workout seems to be counter-intuitive. After all, a workout burns up our stored energy, which comes from carbohydrates called glycogen. We release glycogen from our muscles and liver after a workout, but not immediately after. This can have negative effects. Besides making you feel terrible, skipping post-workout nutrition can also hinder your body’s recovery process. So, here are some reasons why you should never skip the post-workout meal. moviesverse

Even if you don’t feel hungry immediately after a workout, you should still eat a healthy meal within two hours. Otherwise, hunger will catch up with you may overeat, which will bump you back into a calorie deficit. This is crucial if you want to lose weight. Furthermore, your body is in a state of intense recovery starmusiq after a workout. It needs to refuel itself with carbs and protein.

While fasted exercise is beneficial for burning fat, not eating immediately after a workout can have negative consequences. If you don’t eat before a workout, you may experience reduced performance, difficulty concentrating, and early fatigue. These problems can lower your motivation levels and result in fewer calories burned. It’s also important to avoid eating unhealthy foods after a workout. It will help you reach your fitness goals faster and improve your health.

The same principle applies to carbs. Even if you don’t eat right after a workout, you need carbohydrates to fuel your body. Carbs give you energy and are important for your workout. Protein helps build muscle. Afterwards, you can enjoy a healthy snack. And if you’re planning to exercise after lunch, you can even try drinking a cup of coffee instead of a full meal.


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